The Homeless Man

I met you there that cold night

The air stinging from the snow

When I saw you it was clear

That you had nowhere to go

So being the stupid fool I am

Thinking I could change the world

I took you in the hotel

Tried to book a room for you

But the girl, she told me no

She said it wouldn’t help

You’d be back out there tomorrow

I didn’t speak your language

And you could not speak mine

But through the girl you thanked me

And said my heart was fine

So back outside you went

And when I came out too

Your poor friend in his wheelchair

Was slumped just up the road

I ran to him, I knew

There was nothing I could say or do

So I just held his face

Took his cold hand

Looked deep into his eyes with love

And saw some tears well up in them

I knew nobody had touched him that way in years

Maybe never so

Before I turned away

I had to go

With hope that he would know

He would forever be in my heart and prayers

Which is true

For it has been nine years

And still I pray for him

Author: halfthegirlblog

Poet, storyteller, songwriter, photographer, artist, lonely dreamer, despairing believer in God. I am trying to rebuild my life after some bad times and mental health issues.

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