Ambulance Mayhem

I haven’t posted much recently. I haven’t really had the energy, just about managing to keep us fed and watered.



Dad finished his radiotherapy on Friday 1st December. He seemed to be doing really well until last Thursday when in the evening he suddenly started being violently sick. At the time, I didn’t feel he was acting normal.. because of the fact he made no attempt to not get the sick everywhere and he was not making complete sense. I was also very worried in case he had overdosed on one of his tablets.. I have not felt comfortable letting him sort them out himself from day one.. but he is quite a force to reckon with and he wanted to do it all himself. I told him he should get a pill box, but he disregarded that idea.



He seemed ok over the weekend, but last night (Monday) Mum was the one being violently sick and in great pain. Dad went to call for an ambulance but bizarrely he was trying to get hold of his chemo helpline. Eventually when he got through to the ambulance, he started telling them about himself and his chemo.. and shouting at them that they had to come for Mum! They didn’t want to speak to him anymore and dealt with me, and soon after that an ambulance came.



It was all quite a crazy time. One minute I was upstairs trying to chill, the next I was in the middle of mayhem.



The ambulance man had barely got through the door before Dad was waving his medical card he has in his wallet at him. I had to tell the man that it was not to do with mum.. so the ambulance people were able to deal with Mum and ask her all sorts of questions.



Thankfully, Mum is ok( although weak and requiring further investigation).. but Dad has lost his mind. I realised this last night when he started telling me a story about him meeting the man over the road’s son in the Tesco toilets.. and that he could tell he had myeloma like him because he weed on the floor like he does ! Then he handed me a marmite jar and told me to look inside, which I did. It was just marmite, but Dad was looking at me like he expected me to be amazed.



Ever since then he has been coming out with so much nonsense, he has been so utterly confused. He doesn’t know what he is saying or doing.. what is real or imagined.. and we cannot let him do his tablets himself anymore.



I actually phoned his consultant today and told her my concerns.. she suggested that he has a couple of blood tests when he goes for his chemo injection tomorrow. She also said to stop the steroids for the time being, which meant I had to tell Dad I had spoken to her behind his back.



This is all so devastating for both Mum and I. It feels like he has literally gone overnight. I’m hoping and praying it is something that can be sorted with regard his meds, but honestly i’m so scared right now. Exhausted and scared. Heartbroken.



Author: halfthegirlblog

Poet, storyteller, songwriter, photographer, artist, lonely dreamer, despairing believer in God. I am trying to rebuild my life after some bad times and mental health issues.

2 thoughts on “Ambulance Mayhem”

  1. I wish that I had the words, but I don’t as I’ve never been through anything like what you’re going through now. I can only think that this is possibly an “adjustment” period in which he has to adjust to the new medication regime, which is always going to be tough. I hope that things get a bit easier for you all, in that sense/ He hasn’t been on radiotherapy for very long and hopefully he will get a bit more used to it. *hugs*

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