Social Disconnect and Loneliness

Oh how connected we are these days. Facebook, Twitter, instagram, email, text, Whatsapp..

But oh how disconnected we are these days.





We are a society that needs a loneliness minister.. Yes

I’m lonely. Many people are lonely. Loneliness does not discriminate on age, sex, religion.. It can choose anyone to visit.

And we are afraid. Afraid of strangers, of people who do not fit our idea of normal. We judge. We add to each others loneliness.

What is normal? I’ll show you mine, you show me yours.

We are busy, we are stressed. We don’t have enough money or time.. And most who do have enough money become obsessed with the things the money buys and forget to value people, love and kindness.

Do we even know our neighbours? Would we help them and trust that they would help us?

We forget how connected we really should be. That we came here the same way, we struggle the same emotions, fears, insecurities.. We eat, sleep..we all age eventually.

I swear if we all cared about each other, helped a stranger once in a while.. even just smiled at them, the world would become that much more beautiful and an easier to bear place. And if we noticed the people who are quiet, and showed them that they too matter a little in this aggressive go-getter society. Because those quiet people go through life the same, and they have gifts to offer the world. They just can’t force themselves onto others the way many can.

Social media could never be a substitute for real friendship or life. Nor could it be a true reflection of others lives. In actual fact what it does is distract us so that we forget to notice the person with tears in their eyes, or the old lady struggling to cross the road. And it numbs us so we forget to feel anymore.

I want to feel. I want to live. I want to smile and love indiscriminately. I want to make the world better in my tiny little way.

But i’m just a dreamer.. And I too am lonely.

Author: halfthegirlblog

Poet, storyteller, songwriter, photographer, artist, lonely dreamer, despairing believer in God. I am trying to rebuild my life after some bad times and mental health issues.

2 thoughts on “Social Disconnect and Loneliness”

  1. I’m homebound because of disability and illness. So most of my interaction with humanity is online. There’s no substitution for real human interaction. I wish every country will hire loneliness ministers.

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