Missing my Sandy

I’m missing this gorgeous boy so much right now. He was incredible, the love and friendship he showed.. He’s been gone over six years, he was almost 16 when he left this world. I’m used to him not being around, but I still miss him so badly. I’ll never get used to the hole he left in my heart.

If I shed a quiet tear, he would sense my sadness, come across the room and nudge me with his nose as much as to say “c’mon.. Cheer up, I’m here”. He would lick my tears away. If I sat on the floor and said “give me a hug” he would come up close, chest against mine, and put his head on my shoulder. I loved to be in his company, I loved to kiss the top of his beautiful head. I loved everything about him.

He was extremely intelligent. One time we wrote a list of all the phrases or words he understood.. It was over 100.

He was also really sensitive. He needed reassurance, he liked to sit or lie with at least one part of him touching us if he could.

He was naughty and sneaky when he wanted to be, and utterly determined.

But most importantly, he appreciated life in a way I have never seen any human do.. Right in the moment. He loved it when it got to be nice enough weather that I would sit in the garden. I remember how happy he was to have me in his garden.. And how he would look so contented lying there, sniffing the air for scents, noticing little noises of flies or bees that buzzed by.

Yes he loved life for sure. And we loved each other for sure.

Author: halfthegirlblog

Poet, storyteller, songwriter, photographer, artist, lonely dreamer, despairing believer in God. I am trying to rebuild my life after some bad times and mental health issues.

One thought on “Missing my Sandy”

  1. We had a very similar dog called Toby when I was young, that none of the rest of the family forgot. He too was intelligent, sneaky, and a little bugger – but SUCH a character 🙂


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