A Poem to Syria

Did you once call me your home fondly?
Wear me proudly in your heart?
Did you live humbly a little life
To raise a family in me?

I held your hope, you knew me through and through.. as I knew you
Your memories of good and bad
Happy, sad.. with me

Now all we shared is just a pile
Of rubble shrouded in the dust
As the whole world was looking on
Your little family and me.. Kaput

All of your friends gave up on us
Where are they now? We just don’t know
But you’re still here somehow and what is left?
It’s all just gone, torn out from me

Two Strangers in a Poem

She walked home slowly past the shops

Displaying shiny, sparkly things

Inside she saw a couple laugh

And flirt as they tried on some rings

They looked so happy, so she thought

Two strangers in a passing frame

She wondered what their lives were like

Or if they felt her pain

It looked so warm inside that shop

As white flakes landed on her face

Some children ran past throwing snow

Her mind was in that place

And lying in her bed that night

She thought about the pair

She wondered if they had kids too

For Christmas day to share