The sleep clinic

So tonight I have to sleep with this thing on my wrist and finger, and then I have to return it to the hospital tomorrow morning. I also have to keep a sleep diary.

If this test doesn’t show anything up, apparently I will have to do a second test wearing something which resembles a suicide bomb. Yikes.

The reason is that they suspect I have sleep apnea, which to the heart is apparently the equivalent of running a marathon every night (without the fitness to go with it).

I don’t know if I have it, or some other sleep disorder. I just hope they find out what goes on in my sleep because waking up gasping for air every night is scary and I feel so tired and drained every day.

Feeling low today 

This is how I feel today.. 

I’m so so tired and have a thumping head.. I hope I’m not coming down with something but I certainly feel like I may be. We can’t afford for dad to catch anything.. Because his immune system will be low.  He won’t be able to fight and it could result in him being admitted to hospital. So i’m hoping it’s just a headache. It seems like life is one massive headache at the moment. 

I don’t think I’m up to any dinner tonight. Fell asleep briefly on the sofa, which I never do. I’m desperate for a full night of quality sleep, but I struggle going to sleep and often wake up gasping in the night. At least tomorrow we don’t have an early start.