On the Wings of a Prayer

If I doubt you, God. If I doubt you. I look out and I see the feathered creatures of many different colours and sizes. To me, they are indescribable beauty. They are the place I go to see your face. I see you in their eyes and character. I hear you in their perfect song. I watch them fly so close to you. I envy how they know you so.. They belong.

So sweet and pure and full of life. Do they awaken feeling lost and void of purpose?
The way I do each and every day?
I know they don’t. I know they know their place and that they see your face the way I can only long. I hear you in their perfect song. I adore them. I want to adore you.. But wait.. Maybe I do

The Light Between Leaves – Poem 

I sit and silently stare ahead

The light between leaves dance around walls and bed

Passing heels and children squeals

Men go by with a cough and a sigh

The distant hum of traffic out there

All of the world now going somewhere

But not I
For I sit and wait, in anguish for news

Of whether he may live or die

There were no clues

He seemed so healthy, fit and strong

But inside it secretly ate him away

Wreaking its havoc as we carried on

Taking for granted

The shortness

Of day
So now all I do is look up to the sky

With eyes full of heartbreak

I stamp and ask ‘why?’

The strange way you work

Just a mystery to me

I need him and I am not strong

Cannot cope

Without him

Don’t you see