Today in various hospital departments

Today began with a hospital visit dropping back my sleep apparatus. Then home, at some point in the afternoon I could not stay awake any longer and had a nap. I planned to do a workout early evening, and was just putting my trainers on when Dad asked me to take his temperature. He’s had a virus, I took it and it was high. So workout cancelled.

This evening and another hospital visit with dad. Usual checks before they decided he was fine to go home. Exhausted.

Night peeps x

Sitting in an emergency ward..

Had to bring dad back to hospital last night as he couldn’t eat, drink or pass urine and he was retching to be sick the whole time. They kept him in overnight to rehydrate him and give him anti sickness intravenously.

Sitting here now listening to constant beeps. Witnessing the other patients.. I always notice the other people. Often I wonder if they have anyone to visit them and wish I could help them in some way. But I can’t.

I always hated hospitals. Sitting here it is impossible to pretend we are not all fragile transient beings. Once all is said and done, we each end up the same. Powerlessly in decline, trying to hold on to what is not ours to keep.

The NHS is amazing. The staff are amazing. If our government continues to destroy this they will have so much blood on their hands to be ashamed of. But thank God for the incredible hard work of those still trying against the odds to keep it going and offer care to those most vulnerable.